Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home Wrecking or Bad Timing

Browsing the blogosphere is part of my daily routine, if I miss a day it feels like I've left the house without my iPhone (lost). I get the latest gossip, pictures of celebs in the hottest couture fashion that I'll only ever get to admire and leaks of new music, what more can a girl ask for? A few days ago I stumbled over an article comparing Alicia Keys dating, now procreating and marrying a man (Swizz Beatz) that was still married (to Mashonda) at the beginning of their courtship, to the fiasco Fantasia is going through with the very married man of her dreams which in turn recently led to her attempting to take her life.  Wow that peen must be made of gold or Tasia is an insecure chick that needs to be validated by a man. #Imjustsaying

The media seems to be treating these two similar situations very differently.  Fantasia has been called a home wrecker, foul and many other expletives while the naysayers have been scarce for Alicia.  I've heard skin color biases tossed out there but at the end of the day they both began relationships with men that were legally married (separated is still married).  So who is to blame for the demise of the relationship?  The mistress or was the relationship already broken?  Many rush to blame the mistress and while I have been on that side (I was told the divorce was months away from finalization when in turn the shit was never in the works #dontjudgeme) I feel both are to blame.  I will never again date a man that is still legally married as there is ALWAYS are chance for reconciliation and I think that part of your life should be complete before you open up yourself to another. Is the mistress the homewrecker or was meeting a married man just bad timing??

Thursday, July 08, 2010

July 8

July 8th is a day that will forever have an effect on me. I lost my brother on 7/8/09 to gastric cancer (uggh I hate cancer), he was a vibrant man that left a lasting, positive impression on every person he met. The great die young. He is truly missed!

Rest In Paradise Gabe 6/26/70 - 7/8/09

The verdict of the Oscar Grant trial was read on 7/9/10 and Johannes Mesherle the Bart police officer that provided the fatal shot to Grant while he was on his face with his arms tied behind his back was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter which would result in 2-4 years in prison. Wow 2-4 years for killing an unarmed man?? He was found not guilty of the greater charges of voluntary manslaughter and murder. Below is footage of the fateful night.

Peaceful protests followed until the hoodlums came and started looting and tearing the City up. How does stealing Jordans from Footlocker and burning police cars drive home the point that we need to make a change in the justice system?  If anything it make the authorities feel as if we aren't law abiding citizens and deserve to die. The crazy this is most of the trouble makers could care less about Oscar Grant they just needed and excuse to tear shit up!

LeBron James announced he was leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers to join Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat, hello South Beach good bye humdrum Cleveland. ESPN did we really need an hour long show dedicated to this?? Excessive much? Let's hope they at least make it to the playoffs! 

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pause...if it walks like a duck

Aaron McGruder, the creator of the oft controversial adult cartoon "The Boondocks" is at it again. The episode titled "Pause" that aired last week went SO hard on Tyler Perry my jaw left a permanent imprint on the carpet once I closed it. WOW!
I thought it was funny, others felt it crossed the line of being offensive. I'm not one to knock the next persons success but I'm not a fan of Tyler Perry's work, I feel it's a bit preachy and predictable but he sure keeps the eye candy on deck with his leading men; Boris Kodjoe, Idris Alba, Malika Yoba to name a few.

Word is TP was in an uproar about it and had the episode pulled from the air. Adult Swim even pulled it from there website but you can catch it below, peep it before it's gone!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The B"E"T Awards

B"E"T and I have a hate/semi hate relationship. I hate the madness they broadcast to millions and as one of the few black "entertainment" channels the quality of their lineup is lacking in depth and social responsibility which is why I seldom tune in. I don't expect them to the black KQED but I expect more than what they are offering and it could be that I've outgrown the booty shaking and bootleg dating shows ex. 106 & Park and Hell Date, who knows. The one thing I am excited about is the new season of 'The Game" which makes up the semi hate portion of our relationship.

Last night marked the 10th anniversary of the B"E"T Awards, I was impressed with portions of the show (shout out to the creator of the DVR and fast forward buttons) mainly the tributes to MJ and Prince as well as El Debarges' random but entertaining tribute to himself! I loved, loved, loved how they included flashback pics of the nominees, gold star! On the other hand I'm almost positive the person controlling the teleprompter saw his/her last days in the the industry and Nicki Minaj should retire all of the wigs she rocked STAT. Was it just me or did she look like the bride of Chucky who threw some red koolaid in her hair on the red carpet? FAIL I'm also torn on Queen Latifah as the host. Was it the writing or her?

Tonight was Chris Brown's real coming out after the whole RhiRhi beatdown scandal. He did a great job and gave a dramatic/touching MJ Tribute (were the tears real or a PR move?)

The look on Prince's face during this tribute was HILARIOUS! Janelle Monae killed 'Let's Go Crazy', I love her energy! I saw her perform live last week and she was just as amazing in person as on TV. Who is Esperanza Spaulding?? She missed a few notes on "If I Was Your Girlfriend" but it looks like Prince enjoyed the eye candy more than anything else. Alicia Keys and her 5 month prego self gyrating on the piano was priceless. Check the 'ooh wee get ya boo' look on Prince's face directed at Swizz Beats (the baby daddy/fiance).

Where'd they find El? He looked and sounded FAB, light skinned and wavy is back!
His folks pulled down the footage of him performing a medley of old hits but here's him singing his new song, yes he has an album coming out.

Friday, June 25, 2010

RIP MJ....a year later

As a child of the 80's Michael Jackson was one of my favorites.  I was scared to death of Thriller but I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread!  One Easter I begged my mom to wear a MJ button with my Easter dress and below was the end result!  What is up with that hat??

As I matured my admiration of him as a person or at least the person the media portrayed him waned but his music always had a special place in my heart especially his older works. 

Rest in Paradise MJ your musical influences leave lasting memories!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Style File # (It's been so long I've lost count) Clutch Baby Clutch

Summer is my favorite season not only because of the sunshine and longer days but because of the plethora of weekly street fairs. I heart them as they are wonderful showcases for independent vendors and creative people sharing their talent with the masses! I nabbed a few great accessories at the Haight Street Fair in SF and I haven't posted a Style File in a month of Sunday's so what better way to break the drought than showcasing one of the newest additions to my purse collection?

Not only is this clutch super chic, it's green as well! Eco Fashions uses recycled candy wrappers, newspapers and magazines to make a collection of uniquely crafted accessories.

GABI CLUB CLUTCH $68 ( I got it for $42, yay for street fairs)

Nearly 350 wrappers used to make this design

I paired it with a cute cocktail dress  and pumps, the compliments were a plenty!

Check their site for the rest of their creatively constructed creations!